What's Happening In The After Life of Death Is Waiting




   It took the better part of a year to get everything back together again than the better part of another year to get the studio suitable for clients.  Regardless...Death Is Waiting Studios is back Open and better than ever!



Pro Tools HD is now installed, set up and stress tested for hiccupless sessions at the studio.  Good times will soon be had by all.
With dedicated farm cards to handle plug ins and a new Mac Pro loaded to the gills, we are all setup to tackle even the most demanding projects.

Keeping things flexible we will soon be installing a custom recording pc to handle Sonar and Reaper for those that require pc based recording sessions or the flexibility to bring pc sessions to mac.


Dates are becoming available as we start turning our calanders to the upcoming months.  Lockouts will become more and more common and the new year rolls into play.  Lockouts will generally take place from Monday to Sunday and special lower rates will apply.  Use them to create, write, practice, record, mix or whatever your musical pleasure.


Recently had a very young band in the studio chock full of talent.  Never too young or too old for music.  Keep your eyes and ears open at all times.  If you see talent, spot it, recognize it and interact with it.


Always striving for the best possible recording so naturally doing  whatever is necesarry to the recording space is a never ending event.  Recently moved some gear around, tidied up some conections and overall made it a more comfortable place to make dreams happen.


Some new mic Pres and new mics have made their way into the studio and we are dying to try them out!  We'll have all the testing and evaluating done before you ever make your way in the door.  More gear gives us a welcome arsenal of tools to be able to tackle any job the project throws at us.

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